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Veridict Livemap

The world's most advanced traffic map is powered by our very own Veridict Livemap technology, which provides instant interaction with literally millions of individually tracked public transport units across the entire world. The platform takes advantage of our Predictive Analytics algorithms, allowing you to peek into the future in real-time. The technology has been designed to be easily integrated into any existing traffic solution software, webpage or application, and you can try it right here.

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Veridict Tellus Big data platform.

Day and night, we are constantly monitoring, refining and analyzing thousands of data flows from companies, governments and open-data sources all over the world in real-time. Data includes everything from vehicle positioning to transports, GIS information and dynamic meta-data to numerous points-of-interest. By aggregating all of this data, refining it, structuring it and making it searchable, our clients get an additional advantage of staying ahead of the competition.

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Veridict Nova AI platform.

Our Nova AI platform is an agent-based technology, enabling hundreds of dedicated AI-agents to collaborate in the cloud and form a single human-like agent. This can be embedded in any solution to provide access, using your modality of choice, to thousands of services simultaneously through one single point-of-entry.

If you're interested in finding out more you can watch our Nova MaaS video and our Nova Android video.

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Veridict Natural Language Platform technologies.

Veridict's award winning speech recognition engines, Phoenix and Daytona enable streaming results and speech understanding analysis – as you speak with leading accuracy. They enable us to provide human-machine interacton the way it should be: simpler, faster and more powerful than any other human-machine interface.

We also provide an Advanced Text Processing engine with semantic prediction, a natural language text engine that understands the intent of what you're typing in real-time. It also gives you smarter auto-completion and auto-correction. Our natural language generation technology enables you to take a complex machine response, and automatically convert it into natural language.