Veridict Traffic- and Communications Platform

Veridict´s cloud-based traffic- and communications platform empowers any kinds of mobility service providers and transport operators, enabling an automated communication and real time information flow. As an Operator you can streamline your operations and link up your fleet, for real-time tracking of vehicles and share it with your customers and partners.

As a mobility service provider, you can simply access your contracted operators traffic data, and receive an overview of your entire transport service. The platform distributes real-time data, to the right stakeholders at the right time. Ultimately, all the data generated within the platform, can be further communicated to targeted end-customer channels such as app, web and indoor- and outdoor screens.

Veridict Link

Link up your fleet

Veridict Link is a package including devices, software and connectivity for uplinking your vehicle’s to our traffic platform and beyond. The devices allow you to follow your vehicle’s in real-time (automatic vehicle location), and can be used to create delay information for your customers.

Veridict Link is also equipped with digital passenger counting (DPC) software, so you can easily keep track of the number of passengers and share that information in real-time with your customers.

veridict operator

Manage your traffic

Veridict Operator is the main TMS-product for transport operators. The web-based application enables fleet monitoring and provides an overview of all your traffic or certain customers. The application enables on-time performance, proactive disruption management, statistics and coverage and creates a basis for simulation of new timetables. All data in the platform can automatically be shared with your customers. The system is constantly aware of which vehicle is serving which customer, and you as an operator can simply decide which data to share with which specific customer.

  • Enhanced transport efficiency and reliability for transports
  • Elimination of phone calls to the drivers and customers
  • Improved quality of service delivered – less errors and deviations
  • Increased attractiveness towards new customers – obtaining objective KPIs for marketing
  • Proactive risk management
  • Reduced administrative costs

veridict MSP

Coordinate and streamline

For Mobility Service Providers to ensure a well-performing and attractive transport service, Veridict MSP enables a real-time traffic management view and contains features to enable effective coordination of the contracted operators, in order to get a combined overview of the complete transport service. Map-first information enables an instant overview of your different operators including automated messaging. All your vital information is shareable with the contracted operators and end-customer targeted channels, in real-time.

veridict traze

End-user app platform

Veridict end-user app Platform enables quick assembly of customized passenger apps for all kinds of transport services (public and private). It features display of vital traffic information and enable passengers to easily plan and access your service. Your end-users can keep track of trains and buses in real-time. The users can with one click receive delay information and instantly view nearest bus stop and access timetables. Apps are available for Android and iOS and can be branded and customized further on request.

veridict presence

Real-time information

Enhance your digital presence and offer a more attractive transport service by improved external digital communication. Make sure to reach out with your service in an attractive manner and expose real-time information in a user-friendly and informative way. Veridict Presence encompasses everything from advanced infotainment to live traffic maps and real-time information, delivered on web and native apps.

All applications are integrated within the ecosystem and provide real-time data to end-customers before and during their travel, in order to convey convenient and up to-date information for a reliable and better performing transport service.

Discover how Veridict Traffic- and Communications Platform creates value for your business.