Live traffic maps

Our live traffic maps are essential technology components in several of our products. This spans from traffic management to large display apps, public website traffic maps and end-user smart phone apps. Our map technology very efficiently handles moving objects and large-scale asset tracking in real-time.

Anywhere & everywhere

Our map technology is platform independent, which enables flexible access without any cumbersome installs and expensive IT resources. Veridict’s live map technology can be run on multiple devices and directly in all major browsers.

High performance

You can effectively display hundreds of thousands of assets. With an exact delay model and advanced data processing, our live maps show an accurate representation of vehicles through real-time GPS, delay information or time tables.


Obviously we customize all maps upon your request. We tailor everything from map backgrounds and user interface to vehicle models and make sure everything is aligned with your graphic profile.

Traze Devices

Live traffic scenarios

Our unprecedented map technology is built upon live tiles, which enables map data containing huge amounts of real-time moving objects to be distributed in giant scale. This means that despite multiple different user views and zoom levels, our live maps will continuously be rendered on devices.

How it works

Connect your transit data to us

Your map is ready to be shared

Customizable and integrable

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